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17 October - 19 October 2019

“Splendour” is the most relevant piece of theatre for our time.

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Mark McGann at film workshop

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  • Smashing through the class ceiling

    I was really interested to read Lyn Gardner’s opinion piece last month in The Stage online titled: ‘Drama training must adapt to help shatter theatre’s class ceiling’.

    She speaks about how working-class actors and aspiring actors have a difficult time breaking into the profession and the many obstacles they must overcome…

  • Injecting creativity into STEM

    STEM, an acronym I’m sure you all know, stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics...
  • ERA 50:50 – sharing the limelight at the Golden Globes

    For the eagle eyed of you watching the Golden Globes earlier this month, you will have seen winner of ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Drama)’ - Olivia Colman - sporting an ERA 50:50 ring.
  • The New Year Honours list 2020

    Every year there is quite a bit of controversy about the New Year’s Honours List and the whole honours system itself....