About The Theatre Company

Our aim is to produce thought provoking and exciting theatre. This is often about work that deals with difficult subjects. Our belief is that it is the theatre that gives us time to think about, discuss, understand and perhaps make some sense of the darker aspects of human existence and experience. This can be achieved in many ways and it is often through comedy and dark humour that we can find coping mechanisms. As well as providing Milton Keynes with excellent theatre experiences, the company also tours

We are also seriously committed to training, professional development and education. We run regular workshops, master classes and acting courses which are open to professional and non professional actors. We offer training for business people using role play, forum theatre, voice coaching and creative thinking. We also plan and facilitate bespoke corporate training days or we can provide actors for role play for events already planned. Our theatre in education department provides sessions for GCSE, A Level and the International Baccalaureate on set texts and key practitioners such as Stanislavski, Brecht, Grotowski, Artaud, Boal and Stafford Clark. We can also provide sessions on Theatre of the Absurd, Commedia dell’arte and devising new work.