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18 May - 20 May 2017

“Ghosts” was described at the time as “An open drain, a loathsome sore un-bandaged, a dirty act done publically... Gross, almost putrid indecorum- Literary carrion... Crapulous stuff.  Like many of…

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Mark McGann at film workshop

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We offer a host of services and training for businesses, schools, executives, professionals, teachers and actors. We are renowned for the quality of our training, our master classes and workshops. We work with highly regarded practitioners who have vast experience and knowledge covering many areas and skills.

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News & Blog

  • Memories Are Like Ghosts

    Find out how our recent production of Ghosts went!
  • All Systems are GO!

    Find out how to get your tickets for our next powerful production of Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen directed by Ian Spiby and produced by Rosemary Hill! Our strong cast can't wait to entertain you with this powerful controversial play. We know you'll love it! 01908 324466 for the box office, link for online ticket sales is inside our blog!
  • Love What You Do

    Find out what is keeping us going in rehearsals by reading our latest blog and meet another member of the cast of Ghosts!
  • Ghosts In Rehearsals!

    Find out how rehearsals are going with our forthcoming production of Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen!