Workshops & Master Classes

A shot from the Theatre of the Absurd

We believe in training and professional development for actors, directors and producers. We don’t believe anyone can just do it. People can have a natural talent of course, but training helps develop that. There’s also some knowledge required too! Acting, directing and producing takes skill and years of practice to become really good, but everyone has to start somewhere and so our workshops are open to everyone. And even if you are at the top of your game you can still learn and get even better. We have a network of top industry professionals who regularly run inspirational day workshops and master classes.

We run workshops on key practitioners regularly - Stanislavski, Brecht, Grotowski, Artaud, Boal, Max Stafford Clark and “actioning” as well as on Commedia Dell’arte and the Theatre of The Absurd.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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