Invisible - Visible

This project was made possible by Emergency Funding from The Arts Council. The funding provided us with the financial resource to continue to support our wide range of freelance artists, performers, collaborators and educators and it enabled us to further our mission to support artists making new work. This particular project was also  developed to explore new ways to tell  stories.

Firstly, we worked with theatre maker, Sarah Wanendeya, to develop her original script “Becoming The Invisible Woman” which was part of her work at drama school.  We were able to support her work with dramaturg, Fiona Graham, over a period of time. This autobiographical work charts the journey of a woman who awakens  to find herself middle aged, stuck in a rut and confused. A burgeoning sense of “invisibility” leads her to question her place  in our youth centred society. This work has laid the foundation for a touring stage play should Sarah wish to follow this route in the future.

Secondly, we engaged in a community programme which explored the theme of “invisibility in society” further.  It was a core stimulus to explore age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socio economic status and how our career choices  can all directly affect how society perceives us.  Why are certain people and roles not valued as much as they should be? Why are some people ignored, isolated, forgotten or taken for granted?

With a  great team we created an illustrated book, a podcast, six short monologue films and a multi-media twine.