Community - Illustrated Book

We worked with an LGBTQ+ group in Oxfordshire which had been brought together by Jessie Coller at Cornerstone Arts in Didcot.  We commissioned local Milton Keynes artist, Jess Bolam, to respond to the group’s ideas and stories. The group met via  zoom to discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences around “invisibility and visibility”.

Twelve amazing drawings were the result. BBC Oxford picked up on the project and made a short video.

We also had the book published and it was sent as a gift to all contributors.

Jessie Collar

Jessie  is an Oxfordshire based theatre practitioner and Artistic Director of Noctium Theatre Company. With a keen interest in collaborative and experimental performance, Jessie is passionate about using creativity as a tool to amplify the voices of people from marginalised groups. In addition to her work as a theatre practitioner, Jessie is also Arts Development Officer for Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot,

Jess Bolam

Jess is  an animation artist and illustrator from Buckinghamshire. She has been working with the group alongside Jessie and has created a series of incredible drawings that depict the group’s discussions.  Jess has created art work for print, screen and theatre and her clients include Karrot Animation, Rocket Cow and Wise Guys.

LGBTQ Illustrations

Hands connected with string - "You’re not alone"
On parade - "You sort of feel you’re on parade"
Pink washing "It's like pink washing……companies can pick up the rainbow flag for the day"
Desert - "It can be a bit of a desert"
Camouflage - "You can hide away in the shadows"  & "We're all invisible really"
Components (the heart) - "There are so many components that make me, me"
Mute - "I kind of mute myself in a way" & "I should say something, but I don't"
Mourning - "They almost went through a mourning period of my old self" & "I felt like I was invisible"
Light v darkness - "There will always be light where there is darkness" & "You can cut ties with the darkness"
Mould - "Do you feel you have to fit into a mould?"
Tears - "My thoughts wanted things they shouldn't"
Proud - "We are proud of who we are"