Cast Announcement - Not A Game For Girls

23rd February 2024

Over 30 talented local people audition on 11th February for our next production of Not A Game For Girls, which will be at Stantonbury Theatre from 16th – 19th May.  Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Not A Game For Girls

Not A Game For Girls’, written by Benjamin Peel, tells the dramatic story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies F.C - one of the most famous and successful women’s football teams during the First World War - so popular The Football Association tried to ban them.

The production uses a mixture of real-life and fictional characters and blends drama, songs, and choreographed games to capture the spirit and camaraderie that led the Dick, Kerr’s Ladies to ignore the prevailing social attitudes from both genders and prove most emphatically that they were wrong to dismiss football as ‘Not A Game For Girls’.

Our cast

We are delighted to announce our full cast:- 

  • Alex Forni (Alfred Frankland)
  • Eoin Brown (Jack Holmes)
  • Nathan Chinery (Herbert Stanley)
  • Rosemary Ndeh (Florrie Redford)
  • Jasmine Bromme (Lily Parr)
  • Vie Graham (Alice Stanley (nee Woods)
  • Maddy Saleh Brown (Jessie Walmsley)
  • Belle Brewster (Betty Williams)
  • Anmol Ishania (Daisy Walker)
  • Daniela Tiscenko (Madelaine Ourry)
  • Tracie Tappenden (Mrs Woods)
  • Susan Lee Burton (Mrs Parr)
  • John Golden (Len Williams)
  • Michael Henshall (Fred)
  • Faisal Mohiuddin (Minister)
  • Annette Probert (Woman in Church).
  • Lewis Atkins & Chelsea Nathan complete the cast as ensemble players.

Our Production Team

Not A Game For Girls is produced and directed by Rosemary Hill, with Shahnaz Hussain as Musical Director and Carly Halse as Movement Director.

The production is stage-managed by Michael Rawlinson and Pippa Rawlinson, and features set design by James Smith, costume design by Susan Lee Burton, lighting design by James Tearle, and sound design by Elliot Willis.

Also on the team are Observer Charlotte Green and Football Consultant Tom Raynor.

Our Student Production Team

Helping to create a pitch-perfect production are four students from Milton Keynes College who will work alongside the production team experiencing first-hand the work that goes into producing great theatre.

Students include Ryley Andrews, Walter Lam, Freesia Phillips and Chelsea Nathan, with thanks to MK College Tutor & Work Experience Co-ordinator Colin Bloxham.

A message from Rosemary Hill

“We are very pleased to be working with such a talented cast and production team on this inspirational play. It’s very important to us to provide platforms to people within our community who have a passion for theatre – whether is on stage or behind the scenes. We want to offer as many opportunities as possible to all, particularly the next generation of theatre."

“The story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies F.C is a very important one to tell. Without these strong and determined women would women’s football be as high profile as it is today? Possibly not. We have a lot to thank these ladies for. 

Bringing this part of history to our local stage with a local and young cast and team is incredibly exciting. This is the fourth time that this play has been produced and we’re looking forward to kicking off rehearsals.

We hope you’ll be able to join us in May to see ‘Not A Game For Girls’.”

Rosemary Hill - Producer and Director

Purchase Tickets

Tickets for ‘Not A Game For Girls’ at Stantonbury Theatre from 16th – 19th May can be purchased directly via the Stantonbury Theatre website.