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Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

You may notice something new about the image above! We have received sponsorship by Bridgman & Bridgman and we would like to say a huge thank you for their generosity. 

It is full steam ahead with our amazing cast and creative team this week in rehearsals! We are impressed by the commitment and skill of our cast who are working so hard giving their all at all times! Last Sunday we were joined by musical director Roger Windmill who put everyone through their vocal paces and taught us the songs that we will be using during the performance.

Everyone worked hard and it sounded amazing, the songs we will be using are well constructed and written! Singing adds such a wonderful texture to the drama of the play and allows the audience to connect emotionally in a different way. It really is going to be an awesome production!

We have been lucky to have been able to run through Act 2 of the play during the week that has just past, testament to the hard work of the cast who really are relishing the process of rehearsing and putting to work what they have practiced in their own time away from the rehearsal space.

Sound is an integral part of our production and Our Town will be no different. Artistic director, Rosemary Hill, previously worked in BBC radio production and broadcasting and it was working in this environment that allowed her to develop a passion for sound design. Whilst working for the BBC she forged a strong alliance with her colleague Steve Hoy who will be working in partnership with Rosemary in his studio working on the sound design for this production. In fact Steve has been a part of our creative team since 2004 and we are so thankful for his contribution. Take a look at this Guardian article written in 2008 which highlights the benefits that sound can add to performance and how sound art/design is being recognised in awards. We can't wait to get into the studio with Steve he always brings his A game! 

Tickets for Our Town are on sale right now! To buy online please do click this link and secure your tickets! This is going to be a fabulous show so make sure you show your support and enjoy some wonderful theatre! Also if you are interested in supporting us in a different way please do view our crowd funding initiative, if you are able to contribute you will be rewarded with many perks, for further details please do click this link and share with your friends too!

In Other News

Milton Keynes for many years has shaken off its shackles of being viewed as a town that has little going on culturally and in terms of its spirit. There is an abundance of things to go and see at the theatre venues and we have been feasting on the delights currently being served. 

Last week creative director, Rosemary Hill, went to see the spectacular and innovative production of "Mobile" at Stantonbury Theatre. It is a devised and thought provoking piece by the critically acclaimed Paper Birds Theatre Company. Rosemary said "We were invited into a caravan in the car park and chatted to by the actor. It was such an interesting piece, funny and moving and we’re still thinking about it. The show was so clever technically too. Every drawer, cupboard and kitchen appliance gave us a surprise. Brilliant!" 

"Mobile" is currently touring so if you missed them last week then do check out their tour schedule and catch them at a venue soon!

We have also been to see Blackadder by Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy which we enjoyed very much. 

We were utterly delighted, charmed and inspired but the first MK Lit Festival which launched last week. What an absolute treat that was. Opening night was launched by the amazing Linton Kwesi Johnson! He is exceptional to watch and listen to. How lucky we were to have him in attendance.

We love to support all that is going on creatively in Milton Keynes and we do our very best to see as much as we possible can and hope that our bid for City Of Culture 2023 will yield a positive outcome.

In The Press

There has been a lot of controversy recently following some damning and inflammatory comments made by BBC Front Row presenters and their views on going to the theatre. Have a read of what some of them proffered here

I can only speak for myself here but the comments made are so dismissive of the theatre experience. No one wants to see an unprofessional production where the actors appear like rabbits in the headlights on stage, thankfully I can honestly say that I have never seen a professional show in London or anywhere else where that has been the case. I certainly have never witnessed actors looking desperate to impress the audience in order to retain their roles. As for productions being too long... I don't quite know what to say about that. Going to the cinema to watch the latest blockbusters tend to have shows that last for extended periods where as soon as the credits roll I'm hotting footing it to the rest room. In theatres they always have an interval, I would recommend not having any wine which may over stimulate the bladder causing the audience member to want to frequent the rest room more than usual. It sounded very much to me like these presenters don't like theatre and therefore spewed forth their opinion without much consideration for its impact. A simple "i don't enjoy going to the theatre" would have sufficed.

There has been quite the back lash to the comments made and we would be very intrigued to hear your thoughts on this? What say you? While you consider your response do take a look at this link by Theatre editor of Time Out puts forth his response to it!

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