Rehearsals Fired Up

Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

We are so excited by our forthcoming production of Thornton Wilders' play Our Town. It is being performed as part of MK50 Home Sweet Home with Grid Arts and alongside our sister company Pepper's Ghost.

Rehearsals have begun with gusto! The cast enjoyed their first run through and we were impressed that so many were exercising their American accents as the play is set in New Hampshire. We are lucky that we have a very talented voice coach, Marcus D’Amico, who will be helping the cast develop and strengthen their accents. It will be super fun breaking down the mechanics of the accent and utilising that input to create an authentic accent. 

I have a wonderful resource to suggest in the Dialects Archive that many actors and audiobook narrators use in their research and learning of new accents. Have a look right here for examples of the New Hampshire Accent, listening intently at the accent and mimicking it is a useful approach in addition to the more detailed work a dialect and voice coach can provide. 

It wouldn't surprise me if the cast indulge in every American drama to listen to and imitate their accent. All good fun and very useful.

Researching the world of the play is equally vital and cast members have been assigned various topics to explore. These include: religion, politics, education, medicine, women’s suffrage, class, entertainment, food, drink, crime, migration, transport and more will be covered. Their findings will be presented to each other and will allow to have a clearer understanding of the foundation and backdrop of the play in which their characters would have lived and circumstances which may effect their use of language and they way they relate to one another. It's all rather exciting.

We are delighted to announce a new member has joined our creative team. We extend our warmest welcome to costume designer Cieranne Kennedy-Bell who has already measured us all for costumes.  Welcome to Cieranne. It’s great to have her on board.

Although the play has been cast there is another way in which you can help. We have started a crowd funding initiative which allows you to donate money in exchange for some exciting perks dependent on the mount you are able to give. These will include being mentioned in the programme, refreshment vouchers and tickets to see the show. Take a look here and we thank you in advance for any money are able to give.

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