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Our Town 

by Thornton Wilder

We are delighted to be working on this community engagement project with our sister company Pepper's Ghost and it will be part of the MK50 Home Sweet Home Project working alongside Grid Arts. As August prepares to shut its door September awaits with many exciting times ahead! We are braced and ready for action. September 3rd sees the beginning of rehearsals for our next production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

Our Town is quintessentially an American play. It is set in a fictional town and performed with the narrator of the play addressing the audience directly. There is minimal set and many characters whose lives we journey alongside as they share with us their life span within this very special town. There are some parallels with the town of Milton Keynes and the fiction town of Grover's Corner. What binds us together is the human experience, the function of community and care, to listen to and empathise with the experiences of the citizens of a community, and how the passage of time heralds many changes.

We are delighted to have Marcus D'Amico, a wonderful voice coach to assist us during rehearsals. Sadly he can't attend all of them but we are extremely luck to have him influence our process. Marcus is a highly talented actor and I think you'd take great pleasure in browsing his history via this link and in addition view his acting credits here! You can see he has a great arsenal of skill and talent and we are truly luck to have him come and work with us.

We are also lucky to have local talent Roger Windmill working with us as musical director, he is a phenomenal musical talent and is well known in the area for his concerts and choirs who perform at the Chrysalis Theatre in Willen in addition to offering budding pianists tuition.

We continue to have a strong creative force for this new adventure and we can not wait for Sunday when we can get our teeth into rehearsals!

In Other News

One of the most exciting things about being an actor is developing a passion for story and to share that story on stage in a production. The general act of reading is a joyous pleasure, one that I indulge in as frequently as possible and we are overjoyed to see that Milton Keynes will be hosting a wonderful literature festival with some exceptional guests coming to share their passion by giving talks, readings and performances of their work! One of whom is the very talented and nationally known Michael Rosen! He is a power house of literature both for children and adults alike. There are so many fantastic guests that you must have a look at their website and purchase a ticket to attend. Books are imagination food! You can only expand yourself by reading both literature, plays and non-fiction. Bring it on! MK Lit Festival we salute you!

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