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Our Town by Thornton Wilder

Our Town is being produced with our sister company Pepper's Ghost and so is part of our community outreach programme. The production will be part of the MK50 Home Sweet Home project working with Grid Arts. It's going to be epic! Being able to work with as many people in our community as possible is very much at the core of what we do, we believe that the arts are for all of us. Public engagement is an important part of our remit and we are delighted that so many people have reached out to get involved.

We are delighted to announce, that following two audition workshops, the cast for our next production. The cast are as follows:

Stage Manager - Bart Gamber 
Dr Gibbs - John Golden
Mrs Gibbs - Susan Lee Burton
George Gibbs - Colin Ray
Rebecca Gibbs - Rosie Wilkinson
Editor Webb - Nik Arkham
Mrs Webb - Caroline Mann
Emily Webb - Elethea Jade Haesler
Wally Webb - Taylor Green
Joe Crowell - Jamie Crossley
Howie Newsome - Ashley Fyfe
Mrs Soames - Pamela McNay 
Professor Willard - Barbara Mayor
Simon Stimson - Victor Guse
Sam Craig-Esther Webb
Joe Stoddard - Sam Shooter Harrison 
Constable Warren - tbc
Other cast - Annette Probert, Holly Cameron-Clarke (Women in balcony, box and others)
Various other small roles to be confirmed (man in auditorium, baseball players etc)

We are humbled by the sheer volume of submissions by those who expressed an interest in working with us and we are so happy to have met you. We have selected a very strong cast and are very much looking forward to rehearsals beginning in early September!

In Other News

Running a theatre company from the outside looks like it may be a smooth process. The reality it is like watching a swan gliding across still waters, look beneath the surface and the flippers are paddling away with great effort to maintain momentum. Much planning in in progress as we devise and finalise our forthcoming programme. We have been in meetings forging new alliances and partnerships. We have been applying for funding to help us maintain our high production values. All of this activity fuels our passion and strengthens our resolve for the great plans we have for the future of The Play's The Thing. Exciting times lay ahead so come with us on this journey. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and visit our website regularly because we will make announcements of our future endeavours which you will want to be a part of. Not only future productions but learning opportunities to help build acting skills and also playwriting skills.

We are saddened by the loss this week of two great actors who have contributed so heavily to the world of British television, theatre and film. We say farewell to Robert Hardy who passed away at the ripe age of 91 whose most notable role was from the television show All Creatures Great And Small, a fitting tribute can be found in this article sourced from The Guardian. We say farewell also to Hywell Bennet who died aged 73, a Welsh powerhouse of an actor whose most notable roles were in the television shows Shelley and also in Eastenders, his obituary can be found in The Guardian. We extend our deepest condolences to both their families, friends and loved ones.

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