All Systems are GO!


by Henrik Ibsen

How quickly rehearsals seem to be flying by and what an absolute joy it is to turn up to work every day knowing that creativity will be unleashed and the brining to life of one of Ibsen's most powerful plays is taking place. The forthcoming week will be performance week and both cast and crew are very ready to bring to Milton Keynes high quality theatre at its best.

On Monday the get in will be taking place. As the set builds so will anticipation. Seeing the physical world of the play being erected on stage, the sound of the set being built, all the people involved in set and sound design coming together to build is a rousing time for sure. Those bubbles the cast get as they know that the fruits of their hard work will soon be performed. 

Tech rehearsal will take place on Tuesday evening and then on Wednesday evening the dress run before Thursday, when it will be showtime. Tickets are available for all on Thursday 18th and performances continue on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th. Start time is 7.30pm. 

About The Play

"Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen was described as "An open drain, a loathsome sore un-bandaged, a dirty act done publically.....Gross, almost putrid indecorum- Literary carrion..... Crapulous stuff." Like many of Ibsen's plays it is a scathing attack on nineteenth century morality. It deals with religion, venereal disease, incest and euthanasia. When first performed in 1882 it provoked strong criticism and much controversy, but it is now seen as a play of great importance. Substitute your weekly soap viewing for one night and come and see the unravelling of a family live on stage.

It is going to be EPIC so make sure that you get your tickets, call the box office on 01908 324466 or click this link to purchase online!

Meet The Cast

The last member of the cast we are meeting is Caroline Mann who will be playing Mrs Alving

Caroline Mann may well seem familiar to you. She is also known as Rosemary Hill, The Play's The Thing's artistic director. 

She has directed most of the shows for the company, but this time she has taken on the lead role as well as being the producer.

Rosemary trained at the Drama Studio, London, and thoroughly enjoyed her time there. She has since played many exciting roles  which include the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, Susan in Bed Amongst The Lentils by Alan Bennett, Mrs Betterton in Playhouse Creatures by April De Angelis   She has also played Queen Victoria on a number of occasions for various shows. Rosemary enjoys playing strong women who have a dramatic emotional journey and Mrs Alving is one such amazing role which ticks all the boxes.  She’s having a wonderful time working with the rest of the cast and team.

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