Love What You Do


by Henrik Ibsen

It isn't always possible to work in a job that makes a person joyous but there are times, I would hope, that most of us experience employment that makes going to work a real pleasure. 

If that sweet spot has been found in employment then life feels pretty good, we function better at the tasks the day brings even if there is an obstacle to overcome. 

We are fortunate that our cast for Ghosts have a great sense of humour which makes rehearsing a real pleasure especially as the content of the play is very intense and controversial. Laughter truly is a great tonic to getting through the day and with a cast that has strong complicity we truly feel lucky to be doing the job we are doing.

It really is going to be an epic production and I urge you to get your tickets right now... they are already selling like hot cakes! Come and see Henrik's powerful play Ghosts which is a new version by Richard Eyre! Contact the box office on 01908 324466 or click this link.

Meet The Cast

This week we meet Richard Conrad who is playing Oswald Alving.

Richard graduated last year from the Guildford School of Acting and has been working hard filling up his CV with theatre and short film work. He has a charming and diverse screen presence and has played a diverse range of characters on stage. I really enjoyed watching his showreel and think you will too! Make sure you check it out on Spotlight!

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