Ghosts In Rehearsals!


by Henrik Ibsen

Rehearsals continue to progress beautifully. Working as an actor is incredible fun and highly enjoyable but it is by no means an easy job. The stamina required is immense, senses have to be alert, actors have to be flexible and dynamic, always needing to have a high level of understanding of the play and the words both said and unsaid.

We have completed our publicity photo shoot which is always exciting to do. Costumes were sourced by Kevin Jenkins and it is always a delight to wear the clothing of the characters being played.

It adds another dynamic to rehearsals. We have an idea of the weight of the clothing on the body, the way clothing may impact the way a character walks, how they are able to gesture and it gives clues to the audience about the characters status in society.

It is a great way to segue-way into movement based aspects in rehearsals, to think more deeply about crafting those minute and extremely relevant detail, like adding texture into a painting.

The images taken, by professional photographer Simon Raynor, are of course beautiful and atmospheric and they are in circulation as we continue to promote the production.

Tickets are already selling well so make sure you come and see Ibsen's play Ghosts in action. It is a fantastic, controversial and thought provoking production! Contact the box office on 01908 324466 or click this link.

Meet The Cast

This week we meet the very talented Colin Jeffery who will be playing Jacob Engstrand.

Colin possesses a wonderfully diverse showreel which you can view here as well as having a great selection of headshots revealing his broad casting appeal. His showreel showcases a wonderful range of his characterisation abilities and he has worked across theatre, TV and film. As with other cast members Colin is a perfect fit for playing Jacob Engstrand. We are thoroughly enjoying working with him and the work that he is producing! It is going to be a wonderful not to be missed production.

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