What does the word ‘Culture’ mean to you?

Culture will mean a variety of things to all people. But one thing, according to Researchers at the University of Hull, that is essential is to identify what the definition of Culture is within different groups.

In this article from the Yorkshire post it discusses how in 2017 the audiences at the events for the City of Culture in Hull were not represented by young people i.e. 16-34.

The events were better attended, with numbers “notably higher”, from people in their 50s and 60s.

It’s such as shame as Hull had a host of activities and events available for all ages from ballet to music concerts; art and theatre. There was something for everyone. Or so they thought.

Why do you think this is?
Why do you think that young people aren’t so connected with the Culture that is available and accessible to them?
Is this something that you are finding in your experience within the industry?

As a theatre company we engage regularly with young people who are interested in getting into theatre. We host a variety of workshops to show the possibilities and the opportunities that there are out there including acting, screen writing and film making.

As part of our ‘Taking The Stage’ event we invited a local youth theatre group to perform an original piece “If I Ruled The World” which they devised with Haste Theatre Company

It was a fantastic and innovative piece of theatre, which was a joy to watch.
They also held a panel discussion speaking about their experiences and how they plan to get ahead in theatre. It was incredibly inspiring to hear these young people speaking so passionately about their futures. 

However, on the flip side of having these talented young people performing at the event, very few young people actually attended. Is it because they didn’t know about it or that they weren’t interested? So many questions! We did market it to all schools and colleges! In fact we had quite a publicity campaign.

So, how are we, as an industry going to bridge this gap? 
Do we need to do more in schools and educate children at a younger age?
Do we need to make theatre groups/schools more accessible?
Do we need to be giving more opportunities? Do theatres need to rethink their prices? What do you think?

I’ve said many times before that getting young people interested and involved in the arts is critical. For me it’s vital to start reaching out to all young people and giving them insight into our fascinating industry and the possibilities we have to offer. Who is with me?

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