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News & Blog - T The Plays the Thing Theatre Company 2018-08-16T20:07:34+00:00 The Plays the Thing Theatre Company tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018:/feed/ Shoulder To Shoulder - Tickets on Sale! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-07-24:/newsandblog/2018/07/24/shoulder-to-shoulder-tickets-on-sale Shoulder To Shoulder Suffrage Project - TICKETS ON SALE! Many projects on the go! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-07-12:/newsandblog/2018/07/12/many-projects-on-the-go Well we have lots of things happening and lots to tell you about... Exciting times! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-06-12:/newsandblog/2018/06/12/exciting-times forthcoming productions… tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-05-14:/newsandblog/2018/05/14/forthcoming-productions forthcoming productions… Lots of exciting news! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-04-15:/newsandblog/2018/04/15/lots-of-exciting-news Touring! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-04-05:/newsandblog/2018/04/05/touring Well, working for Next Page Productions has been a huge delight. Great fun. We have worked very hard whilst laughing along the way. Can anybody act? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-03-26:/newsandblog/2018/03/26/can-anybody-act We read and see a lot about hopefuls who may have some skill in performing being on the many talents shows on TV... Funny Faces by Steve Dimmer tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-03-18:/newsandblog/2018/03/18/funny-faces-by-steve-dimmer Are the classics still relevant? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-03-05:/newsandblog/2018/03/05/are-the-classics-still-relevant Last night I went to see Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler” at Milton Keynes Theatre - a new version by Patrick Marber directed by Ivo van Hove for the National Theatre. How to build a project - How funding is achieved tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-01-30:/newsandblog/2018/01/30/how-to-build-a-project-how-funding-is-achieved We are in between projects at the moment. We have lots of ideas bubbling away and we are keen to get started, but it all depends on funding!