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News & Blog - T The Plays the Thing Theatre Company 2020-11-24T12:16:08+00:00 The Plays the Thing Theatre Company tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020:/feed/ What does a dramaturge do? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-11-11:/newsandblog/2020/11/11/what-does-a-dramaturge-do Last year in September 2019 as part of “Taking the Stage - Women in the Performing Arts” at MK Gallery, we showcased a scratch piece called “Becoming The Invisible Woman” by Sarah Wanendeya. The long road to recovery – what happens after the Culture Recovery Fund? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-10-29:/newsandblog/2020/10/29/the-long-road-to-recovery-what-happens-after-the-culture-recovery-fund Over the last few weeks, it has been wonderful to see nearly 2000 arts venues all around the UK receiving the much-needed funding boost from the Government's Culture Recovery Fund. Invisible Visible – LGBTQ Creative Group tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-10-15:/newsandblog/2020/10/15/invisible-visible-lgbtq-creative-group Earlier this year, we mentioned that we were extremely lucky to receive emergency funding from Arts Council England (ACE)​ - for which we are incredibly grateful... Why are the arts not ‘viable’? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-10-01:/newsandblog/2020/10/01/why-are-the-arts-not-viable Theatre is coming alive again thanks to our courageous industry tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-09-21:/newsandblog/2020/09/21/theatre-is-coming-alive-again-thanks-to-our-courageous-industry It has been an incredibly exciting few weeks for indoor theatre. I feel like we are finally getting some traction, and we as an industry are starting to move forward... Why are arts subjects on the decline? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-09-04:/newsandblog/2020/09/04/why-are-arts-subjects-on-the-decline How can we be inclusive without diverse programming? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-08-21:/newsandblog/2020/08/21/how-can-we-be-inclusive-without-diverse-programming A statistic I read back in January really sticks in my mind: ‘61% of artistic directors in 2019 are white men’. November is a long way away. How are theatres going to survive? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-08-05:/newsandblog/2020/08/05/november-is-a-long-way-away-how-are-theatres-going-to-survive At 12pm on 31st July, Boris Johnson delivered a devastating blow for our industry... Things are looking up, but we can’t get excited yet tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-07-22:/newsandblog/2020/07/22/things-are-looking-up-but-we-cant-get-excited-yet The news we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived last week when Boris Johnson announced that indoor live performances can resume from 1 August, with a socially distanced audience.... Rescue package – too little, too late? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2020-07-09:/newsandblog/2020/07/09/rescue-package-too-little-too-late We are absolutely delighted with the governments unveiling of a £1.57bn support package for the arts.