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News & Blog - T The Plays the Thing Theatre Company 2017-11-20T06:01:17+00:00 The Plays the Thing Theatre Company tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017:/feed/ Working as a social enterprise tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-11-19:/newsandblog/2017/11/19/working-as-a-social-enterprise ​The Play’s The Thing Theatre Company is a Community Interest Company, this means we are a social enterprise and we work for the good of the community. What a Performance! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-11-10:/newsandblog/2017/11/10/what-a-performance Well, “Our Town” has been performed and what an enjoyable experience it was. There’s nothing like a play production to bring out the best in team working. And so the ‘Our Town Get-in’ begins… tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-10-30:/newsandblog/2017/10/30/and-so-the-our-town-get-in-begins Well, we are now about to move into Stantonbury Theatre this weekend. It’s the 'Get-in' for 'Our Town' by Thornton Wilder.... Our Town - performances grow closer! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-10-24:/newsandblog/2017/10/24/our-town-performances-grow-closer Wired for Sound! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-10-20:/newsandblog/2017/10/20/wired-for-sound Stroll Amongst The Sounds tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-09-25:/newsandblog/2017/09/25/stroll-amongst-the-sounds Check out what we have been doing in rehearsals this last week and also discover where we have been going out to in Milton Keynes! Preparation Is Key! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-09-17:/newsandblog/2017/09/17/preparation-is-key Check out the progress of our forthcoming production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder as a joint venture with our sister company Pepper's Ghost as part of the MK50 event working alongside Grid Arts! Find out what is getting our tongues wagging in the press this week! Rehearsals Fired Up tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-09-08:/newsandblog/2017/09/08/rehearsals-fired-up Find out how rehearsals for Our Town have been going and also how you can support this wonderful production that will be part of the MK50 Home Sweet Home project! When You Can’t Stop Smiling tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-08-30:/newsandblog/2017/08/30/when-you-cant-stop-smiling Find out what is about to start for us and also to discover another treat to feed your imagination in Milton Keynes Cast Announced tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-08-05:/newsandblog/2017/08/05/cast-announced Find out who has been cast in our next production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder and discover what we have been up to as we forge new plans for the future of our company!