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News & Blog - T The Plays the Thing Theatre Company 2018-01-17T09:16:22+00:00 The Plays the Thing Theatre Company tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018:/feed/ The Role of the Director tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2018-01-10:/newsandblog/2018/01/10/the-role-of-the-director There’s been much in the news in the past few months about The Globe Theatre... What A Year! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-12-27:/newsandblog/2017/12/27/what-a-year Well, as 2017 draws to a close we take a look at what we did in the last year. It’s been a great year for both The Play’s The Thing, (our professional company) and Pepper’s Ghost (our sister community inclusive company). Diversity tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-12-19:/newsandblog/2017/12/19/diversity ​There’s much talk about diversity these days. Funding bodies like the Arts Council want to see it as they want to see inclusivity..... Arts for Health tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-12-15:/newsandblog/2017/12/15/arts-for-health An All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Well Being published an Inquiry Report in July 2017 entitled​ “Creative Health: The Arts For Health and Well Being” What is theatre? What do we want from it? tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-12-05:/newsandblog/2017/12/05/what-is-theatre-what-do-we-want-from-it There are many forms of theatre in many different cultures. Should it be more physical than cerebral? Do we need to get away from text and wordiness? Post show blues and more tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-12-04:/newsandblog/2017/12/04/post-show-blues-and-more Many people say they get the post show blues when a production has ended. Working as a social enterprise tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-11-19:/newsandblog/2017/11/19/working-as-a-social-enterprise ​The Play’s The Thing Theatre Company is a Community Interest Company, this means we are a social enterprise and we work for the good of the community. What a Performance! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-11-10:/newsandblog/2017/11/10/what-a-performance Well, “Our Town” has been performed and what an enjoyable experience it was. There’s nothing like a play production to bring out the best in team working. And so the ‘Our Town Get-in’ begins… tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-10-30:/newsandblog/2017/10/30/and-so-the-our-town-get-in-begins Well, we are now about to move into Stantonbury Theatre this weekend. It’s the 'Get-in' for 'Our Town' by Thornton Wilder.... Our Town - performances grow closer! tag:playsthethingtheatrecompany.co.uk,2017-10-24:/newsandblog/2017/10/24/our-town-performances-grow-closer